Rankningssystem för långlopp

Published on 18 november, 2019


Today Visma Ski Classics opens MyPages on the webpage, a big step in the tour’s ambition to connect Pro Team athletes with recreational skiers. in MyPages all skiers taking part in Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour and Challengers events can create an account to keep track of their results, collect diplomas and pins and view their own SC Ranking.

The SC Ranking is the new live updated international ranking unique in combining women and men, pro- and recreational skiers in one single list.

#1 in the new ranking at the date of the launch is Swedish pro team female athlete Britta Johansson Norgren from Lager 157 Ski Team, just before #2 the male Norwegian skier Tord Asle Gjerdalen Team Ragde Eiendom. Over 30.000 skiers from more than 50 countries are from day one able to find their ranking by creating an account on MyPages.

”We have worked on the MyPages and SC Ranking project for a few years behind the scenes and are proud to launch it now in front of the 10th season of Visma Ski Classics. The new universal SC Ranking based on the individuals time in relation to the winner of their gender, makes it possible to create one single ranking for both women and men. Since the new SC Ranking not only shows the pro team athletes ranking but also includes all the recreational skiers our hope is that it will motivate to do an extra training session and ski one more race increasing their health. The launch of MyPages is part of our vision to create one world of long distance skiing.” Says David Nilsson CEO Visma Ski Classics.


Visma Ski Classics new online community for Pro Athletes and recreational skiers. It is free to create an account and in the profile users can view their Visma Ski Classics event results, collect pins, print diplomas, analyse own results with friends in the SC ranking system and collect bonus rewards to use in the Visma Ski Classics e-shop.

SC Ranking

The SC Ranking points are calculated on the procentual time a skier is behind the winning time in their gender with an exponential drop of points. The best 20 points results last 24 months are counted in the total points. The man or woman with most total points will have the #1 rank. In a Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour event the winning man and woman receives 2.000.000 points, in a Challengers event the winners collect 500.000 points. It is possible to filter the ranking list based on gender, nationality and age group, finding a skiers place in a created subgroup. It is also possible to create your own favourite list by star selecting your friends and role models to compare yourself against.

Results and Diplomas

When accomplished a Visma Ski Classics event, the race results are automatically connected to the users profile in MyPages. Thereafter the user can view, print and share a digital diploma and see newly received pins.


Digital Pins are created based upon different variables such as completed events, race time, speed, geography etc and combinations thereof. ”All pins” show what pins are available to collect and ”My Pins” show which pins a user have collected already. By clicking the pin you see the criteria of each pin. The pins can be marked as favourites to create your own list of challenges you want to complete. New collectable pins will continuously be released…


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